Package javax.validation

Interface Summary
Configuration<T extends Configuration<T>> Receives configuration information, selects the appropriate Bean Validation provider and builds the appropriate ValidatorFactory.
ConstraintValidator<A extends Annotation,T> Defines the logic to validate a given constraint A for a given object type T.
ConstraintValidatorContext Provide contextual data and operation when applying a given constraint validator.
ConstraintValidatorContext.ConstraintViolationBuilder ConstraintViolation builder allowing to optionally associate the violation report to a sub path.
ConstraintValidatorContext.ConstraintViolationBuilder.NodeBuilderCustomizableContext Represent a node whose context is configurable (ie index, key and isInIterable)
ConstraintValidatorContext.ConstraintViolationBuilder.NodeBuilderDefinedContext Represent a node whose context is known (ie index, key and isInIterable)
ConstraintValidatorContext.ConstraintViolationBuilder.NodeContextBuilder Represent refinement choices for a node which is in an Iterator or Map.
ConstraintValidatorFactory Instantiate a ConstraintValidator instance based off its class.
ConstraintViolation<T> Describe a constraint violation.
MessageInterpolator Interpolate a given constraint violation message.
MessageInterpolator.Context Information related to the interpolation context
Path Represent the navigation path from an object to another in an object graph.
Path.Node Represents an element of a navigation path
Payload Payload type that can be attached to a given constraint declaration.
TraversableResolver Contract determining if a property can be accessed by the Bean Validation provider.
ValidationProviderResolver Determines the list of Bean Validation providers available in the runtime environment

Bean Validation providers are identified by the presence of META-INF/services/javax.validation.spi.ValidationProvider files following the Service Provider pattern described here

Each META-INF/services/javax.validation.spi.ValidationProvider file contains the list of ValidationProvider implementations each of them representing a provider.

Validator Validate bean instances.
ValidatorContext Represents the context that is used to create Validator instances.
ValidatorFactory Factory returning initialized Validator instances.

Class Summary
Validation This class is the entry point for Bean Validation.

Exception Summary
ConstraintDeclarationException Exception raised if a constraint declaration is not legal
ConstraintDefinitionException Exception raised if a constraint definition is not legal
ConstraintViolationException Reports the result of constraint violations `
GroupDefinitionException Exception raised if a group definition is not legal
UnexpectedTypeException Exception raised in the case that the constraint validator resolution cannot determine a suitable validator for a given type.
ValidationException Base exception of all "unexpected" problems.

Annotation Types Summary
Constraint Link between a constraint annotation and its constraint validation implementations.
GroupSequence Define a group sequence The interface hosting @GroupSequence is representing the group sequence.
OverridesAttribute Mark an attribute as overriding the attribute of a composing constraint.
OverridesAttribute.List Defines several @OverridesAttribute annotations on the same element
ReportAsSingleViolation A constraint annotation hosting this annotation will return the composed annotation error report if any of the composing annotations fail.
Valid Mark an association as cascaded.

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