Class JAXBIntrospector

  extended by javax.xml.bind.JAXBIntrospector

public abstract class JAXBIntrospector
extends java.lang.Object

Provide access to JAXB xml binding data for a JAXB object.

Intially, the intent of this class is to just conceptualize how a JAXB application developer can access xml binding information, independent if binding model is java to schema or schema to java. Since accessing the XML element name related to a JAXB element is a highly requested feature, demonstrate access to this binding information. The factory method to get a JAXBIntrospector instance is JAXBContext#createJAXBIntrospector().

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  javax.xml.namespace.QName getElementName(java.lang.Object jaxbElement)
          Get xml element qname for jaxbElement.
static java.lang.Object getValue(java.lang.Object jaxbElement)
          Get the element value of a JAXB element.
abstract  boolean isElement(java.lang.Object object)
          Return true iff object represents a JAXB element.
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Constructor Detail


public JAXBIntrospector()
Method Detail


public abstract boolean isElement(java.lang.Object object)

Return true iff object represents a JAXB element.

Parameter object is a JAXB element for following cases:

  1. It is an instance of javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement.
  2. The class of object is annotated with @XmlRootElement.

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public abstract javax.xml.namespace.QName getElementName(java.lang.Object jaxbElement)

Get xml element qname for jaxbElement.

jaxbElement - is an object that isElement(Object) returned true.
xml element qname associated with jaxbElement; null if jaxbElement is not a JAXB Element.


public static java.lang.Object getValue(java.lang.Object jaxbElement)

Get the element value of a JAXB element.

Convenience method to abstract whether working with either a javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement instance or an instance of @XmlRootElement annotated Java class.

jaxbElement - object that #isElement(Object) returns true.
The element value of the jaxbElement.

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