Annotation Type XmlInlineBinaryData

public @interface XmlInlineBinaryData

Disable consideration of XOP encoding for datatypes that are bound to base64-encoded binary data in XML.

When XOP encoding is enabled as described in AttachmentMarshaller#isXOPPackage(), this annotation disables datatypes such as Image or Source or byte[] that are bound to base64-encoded binary from being considered for XOP encoding. If a JAXB property is annotated with this annotation or if the JAXB property's base type is annotated with this annotation, neither AttachmentMarshaller#addMtomAttachment(DataHandler, String, String) nor AttachmentMarshaller#addMtomAttachment(byte[], int, int, String, String, String) is ever called for the property. The binary data will always be inlined.

Joseph Fialli

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