Class HttpHandler

  extended by

public abstract class HttpHandler
extends java.lang.Object

A handler which is invoked to process HTTP requests.

JAX-WS runtime provides the implementation for this and sets it using HttpContext#setHandler(HttpHandler) during Endpoint#publish(HttpContext)

JAX-WS 2.2
Jitendra Kotamraju

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void handle(HttpExchange exchange)
          Handles a given request and generates an appropriate response.
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Constructor Detail


public HttpHandler()
Method Detail


public abstract void handle(HttpExchange exchange)
Handles a given request and generates an appropriate response. See HttpExchange for a description of the steps involved in handling an exchange. Container invokes this method when it receives an incoming request.

exchange - the exchange containing the request from the client and used to send the response
Throws: - when an I/O error happens during request handling

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