Tag outputFormat

Render parameterized text. Obtain the style, styleClass, dir, and lang attributees from this component. If any are present, render a "span" element. Output the styleClass attribute (if present) as the value of the class attribute. Output the style attribute as the value of the style attribute. Output the dir and lang attributes as pass through attributes. Accrue a list of the values of all child UIParameter components of this component. If there are one or more accumulated parameter values, convert the list of parameter values to an Object array, call MessageFormat.format(), passing the value of this component as the first argument, and the array of parameter values as the second argument, and render the result. Otherwise, render the value of this component unmodified.

Tag Information
Tag Class.OutputFormatTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

(must evaluate to javax.faces.convert.Converter)
Converter instance registered with this component.
idfalsetruejava.lang.StringThe component identifier for this component. This value must be unique within the closest parent component that is a naming container.
(must evaluate to boolean)
Flag indicating whether or not this component should be rendered (during Render Response Phase), or processed on any subsequent form submit. The default value for this property is true.
(must evaluate to java.lang.Object)
The current value of this component.
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
Direction indication for text that does not inherit directionality. Valid values are "LTR" (left-to-right) and "RTL" (right-to-left).
(must evaluate to boolean)
Flag indicating that characters that are sensitive in HTML and XML markup must be escaped. This flag is set to "true" by default.
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
Code describing the language used in the generated markup for this component.
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
CSS style(s) to be applied when this component is rendered.
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
Space-separated list of CSS style class(es) to be applied when this element is rendered. This value must be passed through as the "class" attribute on generated markup.
(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
Advisory title information about markup elements generated for this component.
(must evaluate to javax.faces.component.UIComponent)
The ValueExpression linking this component to a property in a backing bean

No Variables Defined.

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