Facelets Templating
Tag decorate

The decorate tag is identical to the composition tag, except that ui:decorate, unlike ui:composition, does not disregard all content outside of the tag. The decorate is useful when you want to decorate some content in a page, for example, you might want to decorate a list of items, like this:

  1. <ui:decorate template="/layout.xhtml">
  2.   <ui:define name="listHeading">
  3.     <ui:include src="shared/listHeading.xhtml"/>
  4.   </ui:define>
  6.   <c:forEach items="#{items}" var="item">
  7.     ...
  8.   </c:forEach>
  9.   ...
  10. </ui:decorate>

Because JSF does not disregard everything outside of the ui:decorate tag, ui:decorate can be used to decorate pieces of a page.

Tag Information
Tag ClassNone
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
A URI that points to a template, also known as a layout, that inserts pieces of the page defined in the decorator. If the URI cannot be resolved a TagAttributeException must be thrown, including accurate location information to help the page author resolve the problem. When the template is intended to come from a resource library contract, the value of this attribute must be an absolute path starting with "/".

No Variables Defined.