B Configuring the Java Runtime Properties

This appendix describes how to change the value of a property that affects Java's configuration or behavior at runtime.

The appendix contains the following sections:

Editing the jwc_properties.ini File

The jwc_properties.ini file contains all the properties that affect Java configuration and behavior at runtime. In order to edit this file, do the following:

  1. Stop the Java runtime on the Raspberry Pi board.

  2. Open the jwc_properties.ini that is a part of the Oracle Java ME Embedded bundle (or download it from the board), find the property that should be changed, and modify its value.

  3. Copy the modified version of the jwc_properties.ini file to the /bin directory on the Raspberry Pi board using the sftp client program.

  4. Restart Java on the Raspberry Pi board.

Using the CLI set-property Command

To modify a property using the set-property command in the command-line interface (CLI), do the following.

  1. Connect to the board using command-line interface (CLI).
  2. Execute the "set-property <property_name> <desired_property_value>" command.
  3. Restart Java on the board.

Note, that by executing the set-property command, the jwc_properties.ini file is always updated automatically.