Oracle Java Wireless Client

Uses of Interface

Uses of CertificateInfo in com.sun.ams

Methods in com.sun.ams that return CertificateInfo
 CertificateInfo[] CertificateInfoManager.getCertificates()
          Fetches all installed certificates.
 CertificateInfo[] CertificateInfoManager.getCertificates(int domain)
          Fetches installed certificates for a specific domain.

Methods in com.sun.ams with parameters of type CertificateInfo
 void CertificateManagerListener.notifyCertificateDisabled(CertificateInfo cert)
          Notifies a listener that certificate has been disabled
 void CertificateManagerListener.notifyCertificateEnabled(CertificateInfo cert)
          Notifies a listener that certificate has been enabled
 void CertificateManagerListener.notifyCertificateInstalled(CertificateInfo cert)
          Notifies a listener about a tasks new status
 void CertificateManagerListener.notifyCertificateRemoved(CertificateInfo cert)
          Notifies a listener that certificate has been removed

Oracle Java Wireless Client

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