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JSR 82

Constant Field Values


public static final int FAILED_NOINFO 4
public static final int NO_RESOURCES 3
public static final int SECURITY_BLOCK 2
public static final int TIMEOUT 5
public static final int UNACCEPTABLE_PARAMS 6
public static final int UNKNOWN_PSM 1

public static final int BOOL 40
public static final int DATALT 56
public static final int DATSEQ 48
public static final int INT_1 16
public static final int INT_16 20
public static final int INT_2 17
public static final int INT_4 18
public static final int INT_8 19
public static final int NULL 0
public static final int STRING 32
public static final int U_INT_1 8
public static final int U_INT_16 12
public static final int U_INT_2 9
public static final int U_INT_4 10
public static final int U_INT_8 11
public static final int URL 64
public static final int UUID 24

public static final int CACHED 0
public static final int GIAC 10390323
public static final int LIAC 10390272
public static final int NOT_DISCOVERABLE 0
public static final int PREKNOWN 1

public static final int INQUIRY_COMPLETED 0
public static final int INQUIRY_ERROR 7
public static final int INQUIRY_TERMINATED 5
public static final int SERVICE_SEARCH_COMPLETED 1
public static final int SERVICE_SEARCH_ERROR 3
public static final int SERVICE_SEARCH_NO_RECORDS 4
public static final int SERVICE_SEARCH_TERMINATED 2

public static final int DEFAULT_MTU 672
public static final int MINIMUM_MTU 48

public static final int AUTHENTICATE_ENCRYPT 2
public static final int AUTHENTICATE_NOENCRYPT 1
public static final int NOAUTHENTICATE_NOENCRYPT 0


public static final int APPLICATION_PARAMETER 76
public static final int COUNT 192
public static final int DESCRIPTION 5
public static final int HTTP 71
public static final int LENGTH 195
public static final int NAME 1
public static final int OBJECT_CLASS 79
public static final int TARGET 70
public static final int TIME_4_BYTE 196
public static final int TIME_ISO_8601 68
public static final int TYPE 66
public static final int WHO 74

public static final int OBEX_DATABASE_FULL 224
public static final int OBEX_DATABASE_LOCKED 225
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_ACCEPTED 162
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY 210
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_BAD_METHOD 197
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_BAD_REQUEST 192
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_CONFLICT 201
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_CREATED 161
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE 205
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_FORBIDDEN 195
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_GATEWAY_TIMEOUT 212
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_GONE 202
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR 208
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED 203
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_MOVED_PERM 177
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_MOVED_TEMP 178
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_MULT_CHOICE 176
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NO_CONTENT 164
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE 198
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NOT_AUTHORITATIVE 163
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NOT_FOUND 196
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 209
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED 180
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_OK 160
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_PARTIAL 166
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_PAYMENT_REQUIRED 194
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_PRECON_FAILED 204
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_PROXY_AUTH 199
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_REQ_TOO_LARGE 206
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_RESET 165
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_SEE_OTHER 179
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_TIMEOUT 200
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED 193
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_UNAVAILABLE 211
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE 207
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_USE_PROXY 181
public static final int OBEX_HTTP_VERSION 213

JSR 82

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