MEEP 1.9950 (b67)
JCP EG draft 10-February-2014 08:45

Package javax.microedition.swm

[OPTIONAL] Provides extended software management features to MEEP 8.

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Package javax.microedition.swm Description

[OPTIONAL] Provides extended software management features to MEEP 8.


This package provides extensions to the application management beyond what's done by the Application Management Software being a mandatory part of MEEP 8. This package can only be chosen for Multi-VM (MVM) implementations of MEEP 8.


Every category handled by this package (suites and tasks) has its own manager interface. Implementations of those interfaces can be retrieved using the appropriate static methods in the ManagerFactory class.


Tasks are handled by a TaskManager. It can also assign TaskListeners.

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Suites are installed by an instance of SuiteInstaller. In order to react on upcoming events during the installation, a SuiteInstallManager can be assigned.

Once exisiting, they will be managed by a SuiteManager, including control of the associated Task. It can also assign SuiteListeners.

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MEEP 1.9950 (b67)
10-February-2014 08:45

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