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 class WifiAccessPoint
          WifiAccessPoint represents an access point with Wi-Fi bearer type and allows accessing some Wi-Fi specific access point properties.

Methods in that return AccessPoint
 AccessPoint AccessPointManager.getAccessPointById(int id)
          Factory method to get access point by Id.
 AccessPoint AccessPointManager.getAccessPointFromConnection( c)
          Gets the access point used in the specified connection.
 AccessPoint[] AccessPointManager.getAllAccessPoints()
          Get all access points defined in the system.
 AccessPoint AccessPointManager.getDefaultAccessPoint()
          Returns the access point to be used for all suite connection for which access point was not specified explicitly.

Methods in with parameters of type AccessPoint
 void AccessPointListener.accessPointEventNotify(AccessPoint ap, int eventType)
          Invoked when some access point related event occurs.

Oracle Java Wireless Client

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