JSR 177

Package javax.microedition.jcrmi

Provides classes and interfaces for Java Card RMI connection.

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Package javax.microedition.jcrmi Description

Provides classes and interfaces for Java Card RMI connection.

The JavaCardRMIConnection interface defines the Java Card RMI connection which can be used by J2ME applications to communicate with applications on a smart card using Java Card RMI protocol.

A J2ME application uses stubs for communicating with remote objects on a smart card. A stub is a proxy for a remote object. When passing a remote object as a return value in a remote method call, the stub for that remote object is passed instead. The J2ME application invokes a method on the local stub which is responsible for carrying out the method call on the remote object.

The RemoteStub class is the common superclass for stubs of remote objects.

The interface RemoteRef represents the handle for a remote object. Each stub contains an instance of RemoteRef. RemoteRef contains the concrete representation of a reference. This reference is used to carry out remote calls on the remote object for which it is a reference.

The RemoteStub class and RemoteRef interface are transparent to J2ME applications. They are used by the stubs generated by the Java Card RMI stub compiler.

JSR 177

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