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Java Device Test Suite Administration Guide

Version 2.4 Java ME Platform






1. Overview

Components and Technologies

Compatibility and Quality Testing

Administrator’s View of Architecture

Test Packs

Device Features

Configurations and Templates



Developer’s Kit

Administrator Harness

Creating and Editing Templates

Creating Tests for Multimedia and Sensor Types

Managing Benchmark Threshold Files

Installing Test Packs

Managing Keystores

2. Installing and Launching

Obtaining the Software

System Requirements

Network Considerations

File System Considerations

Firewalls and Installation

Multiple Java Device Test Suite Versions

Installation Options and Instructions

procedure iconsmall spacePerforming a Full Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceInstalling an Application Server and Relay

procedure iconsmall spaceInstalling a Central Installation

procedure iconsmall spacePerforming a Custom Installation


Reclaiming Disk Space

Tuning the Application Server

procedure iconsmall spaceTuning the Java Virtual Machine

procedure iconsmall spaceTuning for Multiple Harnesses

procedure iconsmall spaceTuning Log Files

Automatically Launching the Application Server

Launching the Administrator Harness

procedure iconsmall spaceLaunching in Graphical Mode

procedure iconsmall spaceLaunching in Batch Mode

3. Installing with the Command Line


Invoking the Installer

Windows Operating System Hosts

Solaris Operating System Hosts

Verifying the Installation

4. Test Device Requirements and Connection Options

Test Device Requirements

Test Device Connection Options

Test Bundle Transfer

HTTP Bundle Transfer

Local Link Bundle Transfer

Test Result Disposition

5. Updating a Central Installation

Obtaining the Software

System Requirements

Before Updating

Updating the Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Graphical Updater

procedure iconsmall spaceRunning the Command Line Updater

Tuning the Application Server

Verifying the Update

Synchronizing Templates

Updating Batch Mode Configurations

Updating Custom Test Packages

procedure iconsmall spaceUpdating Custom MMAPI Packages

procedure iconsmall spaceUpdating AMMS Packages

procedure iconsmall spaceUpdating MSAPI Packages


Manually Undeploying the Relay

Manually Deploying the Relay

6. Updating the Sun Exclude List

Installing a Sun Exclude List

A. Uninstalling

Uninstalling on a Solaris Operating System

Uninstalling in a Windows Environment

Undeploying the Relay

B. Uninstalling the Application Server

C. Specifying HTTP Headers

D. Supported Technologies