Module javafx.base

Class MapExpression<K,V>

    • Constructor Detail

      • MapExpression

        public MapExpression()
    • Method Detail

      • mapExpression

        public static <K,V> MapExpression<K,V> mapExpression​(ObservableMapValue<K,V> value)
        Returns a MapExpression that wraps a ObservableMapValue. If the ObservableMapValue is already a MapExpression, it will be returned. Otherwise a new MapBinding is created that is bound to the ObservableMapValue.
        Type Parameters:
        K - the type of the key elements
        V - the type of the value elements
        value - The source ObservableMapValue
        A MapExpression that wraps the ObservableMapValue if necessary
        NullPointerException - if value is null
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
        The size of the map
        the size
      • valueAt

        public ObjectBinding<V> valueAt​(K key)
        Creates a new ObjectBinding that contains the mapping of the specified key.
        key - the key of the mapping
        the ObjectBinding
      • isNull

        public BooleanBinding isNull()
        Creates a new BooleanBinding that holds true if the wrapped map is null.
        the new BooleanBinding
      • isNotNull

        public BooleanBinding isNotNull()
        Creates a new BooleanBinding that holds true if the wrapped map is not null.
        the new BooleanBinding
      • asString

        public StringBinding asString()
        Creates a StringBinding that holds the value of the MapExpression turned into a String. If the value of this MapExpression changes, the value of the StringBinding will be updated automatically.
        the new StringBinding