Module java.jnlp
Package javax.jnlp

Class ServiceManager

  • public final class ServiceManager
    extends Object
    The ServiceManager provides static methods to lookup JNLP services. This class is final and cannot be instantiated.

    Requests are delegated to a ServiceManagerStub object. This object must be set by the JNLP Client on startup using the setServiceManagerStub method.

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    • Method Detail

      • lookup

        public static Object lookup​(String name)
                             throws UnavailableServiceException
        Asks the JNLP Client for a service with a given name. The lookup must be idempotent, that is return the same object for each invocation with the same name.
        name - the name of service to lookup.
        an object implementing the service. null will never be returned. Instead an exception will be thrown.
        UnavailableServiceException - if the service is not available, or if name is null.
      • getServiceNames

        public static String[] getServiceNames()
        Returns the names of all services implemented by the JNLP Client.
        the names of all services implemented by the JNLP Client
      • setServiceManagerStub

        public static void setServiceManagerStub​(ServiceManagerStub stub)
        Sets the object that all lookup and getServiceNames requests are delegated to. The setServiceManagerStub call is ignored if the stub has already been set.

        This method should be called exactly once by the JNLP Client, and never be called by a launched application.

        stub - The ServiceManagerStub object to delegate to