JavaFX: Getting Started with JavaFX

What's New

This chapter summarizes the new features and significant product changes made in the JavaFX component of the Java SE 8 release.

  • The new Modena theme is now the default theme for JavaFX applications. See the Modena theme section of Key Features.

  • Support for additional HTML5 features has been added. See Adding HTML Content to JavaFX Applications for more information.

  • The new SwingNode class improves the Swing interoperability feature. See Embedding Swing Content in JavaFX Applications.

  • New built-in UI controls, DatePicker and TableView, are now available. See Using JavaFX UI Controls document for more information.

  • 3D Graphics library has been enhanced with several new API classes. See 3D Graphics features section of Key Features and Getting Started with JavaFX 3D Graphics for more information.

  • The javafx.print package is now available and provides the public JavaFX printing APIs.

  • Rich text support has been added.

  • Support for Hi-DPI displays have been made available.

  • CSS styleable classes became public APIs.

  • Scheduled service class has been introduced.

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JavaFX: Getting Started with JavaFX

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