Package javafx.scene

Class SceneAntialiasing

  • public final class SceneAntialiasing
    extends Object
    The JavaFX SceneAntialiasing class specifies the level of anti-aliasing desired. Scene anti-aliasing is primarily used when rendering 3D primitives, which are otherwise rendered aliased.

    SceneAntialiasing is unrelated to Shape.setSmooth. Unlike Shape.setSmooth, SceneAntialiasing affects the smoothness of the entire rendered scene whereas Shape.setSmooth is a rendering hint that applies to an individual 2D Shape.

    Note: In order for SceneAntialiasing to have an affect, the underlying system must support: ConditionalFeature.SCENE3D and anti-aliasing.

    JavaFX 8.0
    • Field Detail

      • BALANCED

        public static final SceneAntialiasing BALANCED
        Enables anti-aliasing optimizing for a balance of quality and performance
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