Class ForwardingJavaFileObject<F extends JavaFileObject>

  • Type Parameters:
    F - the kind of file object forwarded to by this object
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    FileObject, JavaFileObject

    public class ForwardingJavaFileObject<F extends JavaFileObject>
    extends ForwardingFileObject<F>
    implements JavaFileObject
    Forwards calls to a given file object. Subclasses of this class might override some of these methods and might also provide additional fields and methods.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ForwardingJavaFileObject

        protected ForwardingJavaFileObject​(F fileObject)
        Creates a new instance of ForwardingJavaFileObject.
        fileObject - delegate to this file object
    • Method Detail

      • isNameCompatible

        public boolean isNameCompatible​(String simpleName,
                                        JavaFileObject.Kind kind)
        Description copied from interface: JavaFileObject
        Checks if this file object is compatible with the specified simple name and kind. A simple name is a single identifier (not qualified) as defined in The Java™ Language Specification, section 6.2 "Names and Identifiers".
        Specified by:
        isNameCompatible in interface JavaFileObject
        simpleName - a simple name of a class
        kind - a kind
        true if this file object is compatible; false otherwise
      • getAccessLevel

        public Modifier getAccessLevel​()
        Description copied from interface: JavaFileObject
        Provides a hint about the access level of the class represented by this file object. If the access level is not known or if this file object does not represent a class file this method returns null.
        Specified by:
        getAccessLevel in interface JavaFileObject
        the access level