Module jdk.javadoc

Interface Doclet.Option

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface Doclet.Option
    An encapsulation of option name, aliases, parameters and descriptions as used by the Doclet.
    • Method Detail

      • getArgumentCount

        int getArgumentCount​()
        Returns the number of arguments, this option will consume.
        number of consumed arguments
      • getDescription

        String getDescription​()
        Returns the description of the option. For instance, the option "group", would return the synopsis of the option such as, "groups the documents".
        description if set, otherwise an empty String
      • getKind

        Doclet.Option.Kind getKind​()
        Returns the option kind.
        the kind of this option
      • getNames

        List<String> getNames​()
        Returns the list of names that may be used to identify the option. For instance, the list could be ["-classpath", "--class-path"] for the option "-classpath", with an alias "--class-path".
        the names of the option
      • getParameters

        String getParameters​()
        Returns the parameters of the option. For instance "name <p1>:<p2>.."
        parameters if set, otherwise an empty String
      • process

        boolean process​(String option,
                        List<String> arguments)
        Processes the option and arguments as needed. This method will be invoked if the given option name matches the option.
        option - the option
        arguments - a list encapsulating the arguments
        true if operation succeeded, false otherwise