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Solving Common Component Problems
Trail: Creating a GUI With Swing
Lesson: Using Swing Components

Solving Common Component Problems

This section discusses problems that you might encounter while using components. If you do not find your problem in this section, consult the following sections:

Problem: I am having trouble implementing a model (or some other code that is similar to something already in Java SE Platform, Standard Edition).

Problem: Whenever the text in my text field updates, the text field's size changes.

Problem: Certain areas of the content pane look weird when they are repainted.

Problem: My program is exhibiting weird symptoms that sometimes seem to be related to timing.

Problem: My modal dialog gets lost behind other windows.

Problem: The scroll bar policies do not seem to be working as advertised.

Problem: My scroll pane has no scroll bars.

Problem: The divider in my split pane does not move!

Problem: The setDividerLocation method of JSplitPane does not work.

Problem: The borders on nested split panes look too wide.

Problem: The buttons in my tool bar are too big.

Problem: The components in my layered pane are not layered correctly. In fact, the layers seem to be inversed — the lower the depth the higher the component.

Problem: The method call colorChooser.setPreviewPanel(null) does not remove the color chooser's preview panel as expected.

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