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Trail: Creating a GUI with Swing
Lesson: Getting Started with Swing

Getting Started with Swing: Examples

Compiling and Running the Examples Locally

The second column in the table below has links to zip files for each demo that you can open and run in the NetBeans IDE. Refer to Running Tutorial Examples in NetBeans IDE for more information.

If you download an individual example, take care to have all the necessary files in the proper hierarchy when you compile and run it. All of the examples in the Swing tutorial are placed in a package. For example, the components examples are placed in a components package. See the following image for the complete structure. Note that any examples using images expect their image files to be in a directory named images that is in the same directory as the example's src files.

Example Zip File
(contains all files necessary for the example plus NetBeans IDE project metadata)
Source Files Image & Other Files Where Described
HelloWorldSwing Hello World Swing Project   Compiling and Running Swing Programs

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