Kodo 4.2.0 (DEPRECATED)

Package com.solarmetric.manage

Management / Monitoring


Interface Summary
Statistic Defines an interface for a statistic.
StatisticListener The listener interface for receiving statistic events.
Watchable The Watchable interface specifies an interface for watching statistics.
WatchableListener The listener interface for receiving watchable events.

Class Summary
ManagementLog Management log supplier.
StatisticEvent Event produced by the Statistic class and sent to StatisticListeners.
TimeWatch A TimeWatch allows for marking code blocks and recording execution time statistics.
TimeWatch.Token A timer token.
WatchableEvent Event produced by the Watchable class and sent to WatchableListeners.

Package com.solarmetric.manage Description

Management / Monitoring

This package is a technology preview of the Management and Monitoring API. Please see samples/management in your distribution for an example of how to use these classes:

An example of how to use the TimeWatch is in the QueryThread class. A TimeWatch allows for monitoring named code blocks.

Kodo 4.2.0 (DEPRECATED)

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