Kodo 4.2.0 (DEPRECATED)

Package kodo.jdo

Kodo JDO


Interface Summary
DirtyFlushedLifecycleListener Kodo-specific instance lifecycle listener that is notified when a flushed object is re-dirtied again for the first time after flush.
KodoDataStoreCache Interface implemented by Kodo L2 cache facade.
KodoExtent Interface implemented by Kodo extents.
KodoFetchPlan Interface implemented by all Kodo fetch plans.
KodoPersistenceManager Interface implemented by Kodo persistence managers.
KodoPersistenceManagerFactory Interface implemented by Kodo persistence manager factories.
KodoQuery Interface implemented by Kodo JDO queries.

Class Summary
DeprecatedJDOMetaDataFactory JDO MetaDataFactory that translates deprecated pre-JDO 2 Kodo extensions into their current equivalents.
DeprecatedJDOMetaDataFactory.ExtensionTranslatingParser Parser that translates deprecated extensions into current equivalents.
JDOMetaDataFactory JDO-compliant MetaDataFactory.
KodoJDOHelper Static helper methods for JDO users, including switching between Kodo native and JDO APIs.
LockException Exception indicating that locks on one or more objects could not be acquired.
PersistenceManagerFactoryImpl Kodo PersistenceManagerFactory implementation.
QueryResultCache Query result cache implementation for JDO.

Exception Summary
ReferentialIntegrityException Exception type reserved for violations of integrity constraints.

Package kodo.jdo Description

Kodo JDO

This package provides a JDO facade to Kodo. All major Kodo runtime components have JDO-flavored facades in this package.

Kodo 4.2.0 (DEPRECATED)

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This documentation is deprecated and will be removed in the next release of WebLogic Server.

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