8.3. XA Transactions

8.3.1. Using Kodo with XA Transactions

The X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing (X/Open DTP) model, designed by Open Group (a vendor consortium), defines a standard communication architecture that provides the following:

The X/Open DTP XA standard defines the application programming interfaces that a resource manager uses to communicate with a transaction manager. The XA interfaces enable resource managers to join transactions, to perform two-phase commit, and to recover in-doubt transactions following a failure.

8.3.1. Using Kodo with XA Transactions

Kodo supports XA-compliant transactions when used in a properly configured managed environment. The following components are required:

  • A managed environment that provides an XA compliant transaction manager. Examples of this are application servers such as Weblogic and JBoss.

  • Instances of a javax.sql.XADataSource for each of the DataSources that Kodo will use.

Given these components, setting up Kodo to participate in distributed transactions is a simple two-step process:

  1. Integrate Kodo with your application server's transaction manager, as detailed in Section 8.2, “Integrating with the Transaction Manager”.

  2. Point Kodo at an enlisted XADataSource, and configure a second non-enlisted data source. See Section 4.2.1, “Managed and XA DataSources”.


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