13.2. Profiling in an Embedded GUI

The profiling capability can be used standalone locally. To bring up the Kodo Profiling Console, set the following property (see Section 2.6.54, “kodo.Profiling”):

JPA XML format:

<property name="kodo.Profiling" value="gui"/>

JDO properties format:

kodo.Profiling: gui

The left pane of the Profiling Console contains a tree. Each node in the tree represents a call in a call stack. The root of each call stack is an EntityManager or PersistenceManager.

Each node may be composed of three items - the node name, the amount of time spent in each node, and the percentage of the total time spent in the parent node that this child node contributes. You can see details about a node in the right panes by selecting a node. The top right pane(s) yield detailed information about the node (e.g. the location in code where a transaction was started, or the SQL generated for a query), and the bottom right pane contains statistics about the node.

The Profiling Console has a Profiling Toolbar. It has the following controls:

The profiling call tree has a context menu containing the following options:

The detail information for an EntityManager or PersistenceManager includes information about objects that were fetched in the context of that manager. The detail area consists of information about where in code the manager was created, and a table with information on each field in each persistence-capable class. The table has the following columns:


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