Chapter 13. Profiling

13.1. Configuration
13.2. Profiling in an Embedded GUI
13.3. Dumping Profiling Data to Disk from a Batch Process
13.4. Controlling How the Profiler Obtains Context Information

The Kodo profiling capability allows for profiling of application code. It is designed to help optimize the use of Kodo, and is not intended to be a generic profiling tool. Only Kodo specific APIs are instrumented.

The profiling capability can either be used standalone using the Kodo Profiling Console, or inside the Kodo Management Console using the Profiling MBean. To use the profiling capability within the Kodo Management Console see Section 12.4.8, “Profiling MBean”.

13.1. Configuration

The Profiling capability is configured via the standard Kodo configuration system using the kodo.Profiling property. This property is a plugin string (see Section 2.4, “Plugin Configuration”), so you can also set it to the full class name of a custom kodo.profile.Profiling. Pre-defined values are:


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