Chapter 1. Kodo JPA/JDO

1.1. OpenJPA
1.2. About This Document

Oracle Kodo JPA/JDO is deprecated in this release. Customers are encouraged to consider using Oracle TopLink.

Oracle TopLink is an advanced, object-persistence and object-transformation framewok that fully implements the JPA 1.0 specification and serves as the reference implementation for the JPA expert group. It provides development tools and run-time capabilities that reduce development and maintenance efforts, and increase enterprise application functionality. For more information, see Oracle TopLink.

Kodo JPA/JDO is Oracles's implementation of Sun's Java Persistence API (JPA) specification and Java Data Objects (JDO) specification for the transparent persistence of Java objects. This document provides an overview of these persistence standards and technical details on the use of Kodo JPA/JDO.

To quickly get started with JPA, you may want to begin at Section 1.2, “Kodo JPA Tutorial”. If you would prefer to start with an introduction to the concepts of JPA, begin with Chapter 1, Introduction.

To get familiar with JDO, you may want to start with Section 2.2, “Kodo JDO Tutorial”. If you are interested in reading about the background and concepts involved in JDO, start at Chapter 1, Introduction.

1.1. OpenJPA

Oracle has donated a large part of Kodo's persistence kernel and JPA bindings to the Apache Software Foundation as the OpenJPA project. The commercial release of Kodo deploys on top of the standard OpenJPA jars, adding extended features and performance enhancements. This deployment style allows you to build a custom OpenJPA jar from source while continuing to use Kodo's commercial features.


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