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1 Introduction and Roadmap

2 Top Tuning Recommendations for WebLogic Server

3 Performance Tuning Roadmap

4 Operating System Tuning

5 Tuning Java Virtual Machines (JVMs)

6 Tuning WebLogic Diagnostic Framework and Java Flight Recorder Integration

7 Tuning WebLogic Server

8 Tuning WebLogic Server for Exalogic Environments

9 Tuning the WebLogic Persistent Store

10 DataBase Tuning

11 Tuning WebLogic Server EJBs

12 Tuning Message-Driven Beans

13 Tuning Data Sources

14 Tuning Transactions

15 Tuning WebLogic JMS

16 Tuning WebLogic JMS Store-and-Forward

17 Tuning WebLogic Message Bridge

18 Tuning Resource Adapters

19 Tuning Web Applications

20 Tuning Web Services

21 Tuning WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

A Using the WebLogic 8.1 Thread Pool Model

B Capacity Planning