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1 Introduction and Roadmap

2 Overview of the WLDF Architecture

3 Using the Built-in Diagnostic System Modules

4 Using WLDF with Java Flight Recorder

5 Understanding WLDF Configuration

6 Configuring and Capturing Diagnostic Images

7 Configuring Diagnostic Archives

8 Configuring the Harvester for Metric Collection

9 Configuring Watches and Notifications

10 Configuring Watches

11 Configuring Notifications

12 Configuring Instrumentation

13 Configuring the DyeInjection Monitor to Manage Diagnostic Contexts

14 Accessing Diagnostic Data With the Data Accessor

15 Deploying WLDF Application Modules

16 Using the Monitoring Dashboard

17 Configuring and Using WLDF Programmatically

A WLDF Query Language

B WLDF Instrumentation Library

C Using Wildcards in Expressions

D WebLogic Scripting Tool Examples