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What's New in This Guide

Part I Using Oracle BPM Studio

1 Introduction to Oracle BPM Studio

2 Working with BPM Projects

3 Working with Processes and the Process Editor

Part II Modeling a Process

4 Modeling Your Organization

5 Handling Information in Your Process Design

Part III Analyzing Process Performance

6 Running Simulations in Oracle BPM

7 Using Process Analytics

Part IV Working with Business Components

8 Using the Business Catalog

9 Sharing BPM Projects Using the Process Asset Manager

10 Modeling Business Objects

11 Working with Human Tasks

12 Working with Services and References

13 Using Business Rules

14 Sending Notifications

15 Using SOA Composites with BPM Projects

Part V Controlling the Process Flow

16 Controlling the Process Flow

17 Adding Delays, Deadlines, and Time-Based Cycles to a Process

18 Handling Errors

19 Using Fault Handling in BPM

20 Communicating With Other BPMN Processes and Services

21 Defining the Process Interface

22 Communicating Business Processes Using Correlations

23 Defining Conversations

24 Writing Expressions

25 Writing BPM Scripts

26 Debugging a BPM Project

Part VI Using Human Interaction Components

27 Getting Started with Human Workflow

28 Designing Human Tasks in Oracle BPM

29 Configuring Human Tasks

30 Working with Guided Business Processes

31 Building a Guided Business Process Client Application

32 Using Approval Management

33 Working with Adaptive Case Management

Part VII Appendices

A Process Star Schema Views