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SimpleQueryRecord::PartialResult::Step Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/SimpleQueryRecord.hpp>

Inherits Object, and PortableObject.

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Detailed Description

Simple QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step implementation.

Public Types

typedef spec::Handle Handle
 Step Handle definition.
typedef spec::View View
 Step View definition.
typedef spec::Holder Holder
 Step Holder definition.
typedef this_spec::Handle Handle
 PortableObject Handle definition.
typedef this_spec::View View
 PortableObject View definition.
typedef this_spec::Holder Holder
 PortableObject Holder definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual String::View getFilterDescription () const
virtual Set::View getIndexLookupRecords () const
virtual size32_t getEfficiency () const
virtual size32_t getPreFilterKeySetSize () const
virtual size32_t getPostFilterKeySetSize () const
virtual int64_t getDuration () const
virtual List::View getSteps () const
void merge (QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View vStep)
 Merge the given step with this one.
bool isMatching (QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View vStep) const
 Determine whether or not the given step is capable of being placed in one-to-one correspondence with this step.
virtual void readExternal (PofReader::Handle hIn)
virtual void writeExternal (PofWriter::Handle hOut) const

Protected Member Functions

 Step ()
 Constructor for a Step.
 Step (QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View vThat)
 Copy constructor for a Step.

Protected Attributes

FinalView< Stringf_vsFilter
 The filter description.
size32_t m_nEfficiency
 The estimated cost.
size32_t m_nSizeIn
 The pre-execution key set size.
size32_t m_nSizeOut
 The post-execution key set size.
int64_t m_cMillis
 The execution time in milliseconds.
FinalHandle< Setf_hSetIndexLookupRecords
 The set of index lookup records.
FinalHandle< Listf_hListSubSteps
 The list of child steps.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Step ( QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View  vThat  )  [protected]

Copy constructor for a Step.

vThat the step to copy

Member Function Documentation

void merge ( QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View  vStep  ) 

Merge the given step with this one.

This method assumes that the given step matches with this one.

vStep the step to merge

bool isMatching ( QueryRecord::PartialResult::Step::View  vStep  )  const

Determine whether or not the given step is capable of being placed in one-to-one correspondence with this step.

Steps are defined to be matching if both steps have equivalent name, index lookup records and owned lists of sub-steps.

vStep the step to check
true iff the given step matches with this step

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