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Integer64Sum Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/aggregator/Integer64Sum.hpp>

Inherits AbstractInteger64Aggregator.

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Detailed Description

Sums up numeric values extracted from a set of entries in a Map.

All the extracted Number objects will be treated as int64_t values.

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Public Types

typedef spec::Handle Handle
 Integer64Sum Handle definition.
typedef spec::View View
 Integer64Sum View definition.
typedef spec::Holder Holder
 Integer64Sum Holder definition.

Protected Member Functions

 Integer64Sum ()
 Default constructor (necessary for the PortableObject interface).
 Integer64Sum (ValueExtractor::View vExtractor)
 Construct a Integer64Sum aggregator.
 Integer64Sum (String::View vsMethod)
 Construct an Integer64Sum that will aggregate values extracted from a set of InvocableMap::Entry objects.
virtual void init (bool fFinal)
 Initialize the aggregation result.

fFinal true is passed if the aggregation process that is being initialized must produce a final aggregation result; this will only be false if a parallel approach is being used and the initial (partial) aggregation process is being initialized

virtual void process (Object::View v, bool fFinal)
 Incorporate one aggregatable value into the result.

If the fFinal parameter is true, the given object is a partial result (returned by an individual parallel aggregator) that should be incorporated into the final result; otherwise, the object is a value extracted from an coherence::util::InvocableMap::Entry.

vO the value to incorporate into the aggregated result
fFinal true to indicate that the given object is a partial result returned by a parallel aggregator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Integer64Sum ( ValueExtractor::View  vExtractor  )  [protected]

Construct a Integer64Sum aggregator.

vExtractor the extractor that provides a value in the form of any object that is a Number

Integer64Sum ( String::View  vsMethod  )  [protected]

Construct an Integer64Sum that will aggregate values extracted from a set of InvocableMap::Entry objects.

vsMethod the name of the method that could be invoked via reflection and that returns values to aggregate; this parameter can also be a dot-delimited sequence of method names which would result in an aggregator based on the ChainedExtractor that is based on an array of corresponding ReflectionExtractor objects
Coherence 12.1.2

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