A Elements Installed with the Extension SDK

This appendix provides information about the elements installed with the Extension SDK.

The appendix contains the following sections:

A.1 Elements Installed in the File System

When you install the Extension SDK:

  • The Extension SDK API documentation is installed in jdev_install/jdeveloper/jdev/extensions/oracle.jdeveloper.esdk/doc.

  • The extension samples application extensionsdk.jws which contains the sample projects is installed in jdev_install/jdeveloper/mywork/extension-samples- (the value of n is the label number, for example, extension-samples-

A.2 Elements Installed in the IDE

After downloading and installing the Extension SDK, and restarting JDeveloper the following elements are present in the IDE:

  • If you have chosen to install the samples, the application extensionsdk.jws is open in the Applications window. If you choose not to install the samples when JDeveloper restarts, you can open the extension SDK samples application at a later time from Help > Open Extension Samples.

  • In the Manage Features for Studio Developer Role dialog, available from Features on the Tools menu, ESDK Samples is listed under the IDE node.

  • The Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK is added to the Reference node in the JDeveloper online help Contents.