B Uninstalling the Extension SDK

This appendix provides information about disabling and uninstalling the Extension SDK.

The appendix contains the following sections:

B.1 About Uninstalling the Extension SDK

You can disable the Extension SDK to optimize JDeveloper performance, and enable it at a later time so that you do not have to download and install the Extension SDK afresh, or you can uninstall the sample application, extensionsdk.jws and its projects, or you can completely remove the Extension SDK from your machine.

B.2 How to Disable the Extension SDK

When you work with JDeveloper you choose a role in which to work, and the role you choose determines which JDeveloper extensions are loaded. In general, different roles remove JDeveloper extensions that are not needed so that JDeveloper performance is optimized. Indeed, you can create your own JDeveloper role that disables the extensions you do not want to work with and modifies the menus that are loaded when the IDE starts. For more information, see "Working with JDeveloper Roles" in the Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper.

If you want to disable the Extension SDK, you can do this in the same way that you would disable any other JDeveloper extension.

To disable the Extension SDK:

  1. From the Tools menu choose Features to open the Manage Features for Studio Developer Role dialog. This displays all the extensions that are available for the role in which you are working.

    For more information at any time, press F1 or click Help from within the dialog.

  2. If necessary, expand the IDE node, and uncheck ESDK Samples.

If you later want to use the Extension SDK, you can enable it by navigating to the same dialog and checking ESDK Samples.

B.3 How to Delete the Sample Application

You can delete the sample application, extensionsdk.jws, and the projects it contains in the same way that you can delete any JDeveloper application.

To delete the sample application:

  1. In the Applications window, click the Application menu dropdown list (next to the name of the application, extensionsdk).

  2. Select Delete Application.

  3. In the Confirm Delete Application dialog, choose Yes.

Alternatively, right-click extensionsdk in the Applications window toolbar, and choose Delete Application.

JDeveloper will delete the extensionsdk application, including all its projects and their directories.

B.4 How to Uninstall the Extension SDK

When the Extension SDK is installed, it places the Extension SDK API documentation in jdev_install/jdeveloper/jdev/extensions, where jdev_install is the directory that JDeveloper is installed in, and the extension samples application extensionsdk.jws which contains the sample projects in jdev_install/jdeveloper/mywork.

You can completely remove the Extension SDK from your local drive by deleting:

  • jdev_install/jdeveloper/jdev/extensions/oracle.jdeveloper.esdk

  • jdev_install/jdeveloper/mywork/extension-samples-