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What's New in This Guide

Part I Administering the Infrastructure

1 Basic Configuration

2 System Settings Overview

3 Customizing Oracle Enterprise Repository

4 Configuring E-Mail Notifications and Distribution Lists

5 Import Export Tool

6 Configuring Reporting with BI Publisher

Part II Administering the Asset Lifecycle

7 Using the Type Manager

8 Configuring and Using Automated Harvesting

9 Using the Asset Editor

Part III Securing Oracle Enterprise Repository

10 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository to use External Authentication Tooling

11 Configuring Advanced Role-based Access Control

12 Password Encryption

Part IV Advanced Lifecycle Administration

13 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository Express Workflows

14 Configuring Prescriptive Reuse

15 Integration with Code Compliance Inspector

16 Configuring Policy Management

17 Enterprise Manager Integration Utility

18 Configuring Metrics

19 Configuring Assets in Progress

20 Configuring Contract Management

21 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Repository to Exchange Metadata with the Oracle Service Registry

Part V Appendixes

A Other Configurations