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Deployments: Deployments: Monitoring: JAX-RS Applications

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Use this page to monitor all the JAX-RS applications running in this domain. Each row aggregates all of the statistics of one JAX-RS application across all the servers on which it is running.


Name Description
Refresh icon

Refresh icon Causes the Administration Console to periodically poll the resource monitored by this page and refresh the display.

Column Display

You can show fewer or additional data points on this page by expanding Customize this table and modifying the Column Display list. Each data point displays in its own table column.

The following table lists all of the data points that you can display in columns on this page.

Name Description
JAX-RS Application Name

The name of this JAX-RS application.

MBean Attribute:

JAX-RS Application Context

The root context for the resources in this JAX-RS application.

Application Name

The name of the Enterprise application.

MBean Attribute:

Source Information

Provides an informative string about the module's source.

Return an informative string about the component's source.

MBean Attribute:

Error Count

Provides the errors count, the number of un-handled exceptions from the JAX-RS application

MBean Attribute:

Last Error Details

Provides details of the last error. It returns null if ther is not exception yet

MBean Attribute:

Invocation Count

Provides the total invocation count

MBean Attribute:

Application Configuration Class

Provides the class name of the Jax-Rs application resource config

MBean Attribute:

Average Execution Time (milliseconds)

Provides the average execution time(in millis) per execution. Returns 0 if it was never invoked.

MBean Attribute:

Context Root

Returns the context root (context path) for the webapp

MBean Attribute:

High Execution Time (milliseconds)

Provides the highest time taken (in millis) by an execution. Returns 0 if it was never invoked.

MBean Attribute:

Last Error Mapper

Provides the exception mapper class used against the last error(if any) occurred. It returns null if no error has been mapped yet.

MBean Attribute:

Last Error Time

Provides the date-time at which the last error(if any) occurred

MBean Attribute:

Last Invocation Time

Provides the last invocation time. Returns 0 if it was never invoked.

MBean Attribute:

Low Execution Time (milliseconds)

Provives the lowest time taken(in millis) by an execution. Returns 0 if it was never invoked.

MBean Attribute:

Total Execution Time (milliseconds)

Provides the total execution time(in millis) of all the requests. Returns 0 if it was never invoked.

MBean Attribute:

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