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Create a JDBC Store

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Use this page to create a JDBC Store.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Specify a name for this JDBC store. This name must be unique within a WebLogic domain.


The server instances, clusters, or migratable targets defined in the current domain that are candidates for hosting a file store, JDBC store, or replicated store.

When selecting a cluster, the store must be targeted to the same cluster as the JMS server. When selecting a migratable target, the store must be targeted it to the same migratable target as the migratable JMS server or SAF agent. As a best practice, a path service should use its own custom store and migratable target.

MBean Attribute:

Data Source

Select a configured JDBC data source or multi data source used to access the JDBC store. If you need to configure a JDBC data source for the store, click the Create a New Data Source button.

You cannot configure a JDBC store to use a JDBC data source that is configured to use an XA JDBC driver or configured to support global transactions.

Prefix Name

Specify a prefix name to prepend to the table name in this JDBC store for use with multiple instances.

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