4.3.5 Outbound Considerations

In outbound and inbound scenarios, the Resource Adapter must comply to the standard contracts defined by the JCA 1.0 specification.

In the outbound scenario, when providing the runtime definition of an adapter, you must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The ManagedConnectionFactory of the Resource Adapter must define all of its connection related parameters, thereby allowing the Oracle SOA runtime to simply perform. For example:

    ConnectionFactory cciConnectionFactory = 
    Connection cciConnection = cciConnectionFactory.getConnection();
  • All regular InteractionSpec parameters on any InteractionSpec implementation must be constituted by single argument mutator methods, using one of the following argument types: String, int, boolean, short, long, float, double.

  • The Resource Adapter must be able to function in a Managed Environment, and as such it must be deployable on the J2EE Application Server.