4.3.4 Interfacejavax.resource.spi.work.WorkManager

In Oracle SOA, the implementation of the WorkManager interface is provided by the Adapter Framework. The implementation is minimal, because it does not support advanced thread pooling or sophisticated scheduling.

Instead, the Adapter Framework implements only one of six public methods, scheduleWork(Work work). The other public methods are redirected to this method, that is, call blocking is not supported (as for example, it is required by doWork()).

The Adapter Framework leverages the SOA default Work Manager, enabling threads freed from a finished Work instance to be reused in new Work submissions.

The following method accepts a Work instance for processing.

public void scheduleWork(Work work)
   throws WorkException

This call does not block and returns immediately once a Work instance has been accepted for processing. There is no guarantee when the submitted Work instance starts execution; that is, there is no time constraint to start execution.