3.1.8 Extending the JcaOperationPage

All wizard operation pages (pages that pick operations such as Read/Write or Get/Put) should override JcaOperationPage because JcaOperationPage handles the WSDL object creation, based on the operation name.

The operation name is provided by implementing the abstract method getOperationName().

Most operation pages add and remove wizard pages depending on the operation chosen. The accessor method removePages() removes all wizard pages past the current page.

The Operation page's buildDataModel() method is responsible for setting the Activation or Interaction spec in the data model, using code similar to:

JcaDataInterface jdata = (JcaDataInterface)getDataModel();
    if (readRB.isSelected()){ 


For update mode, OperationPages must not enable the user to change operation types or names because the adapter interface can be wired to a reference that depends on the existence of that operation.

See oracle.tip.tools.ide.pm.wizard.adapter.custom.CustomOperationPage.java for an example.