3.1.12 Performing Post Finish Handling (Optional)

Each Adapter can register an implementation of the AdapterWizardFinishInterface by overriding the getAdapterWizardFinish() method in the JcaAdapterWizard extension class. This enables the adapter to perform additional activities at Finish time.

For example, the File adapter uses this Finish override to check if a FileAdapterHeader schema is in the current project and, if the schema is not in the current project, the File Adapter copies the Header file to the project directory.

The AdapterWizardFinishInterface has two methods that either obtain control before or after the adapter artifacts (WSDL and .jca files) are created:

  • The beforeWSDL()method returns false to indicate that the adapter artifacts should not be created.

  • The afterWSDL() method is invoked the after WSDL file is created.

Both of these methods can be used as you require in your implementation.