3.1.6 Extending the ConnectionPage

Most, but not all, adapter wizards require a connection page. For example, the AQ adapter requires a database connection page to enable the user to query and display a list of available queues.

If your adapter wizard requires a database connection, add JcaDBConnectionPage in addInitialWizardPages and use the method as is. The JDeveloper connection objects will be available to subsequent pages by the following accessor in the AdapterWizardContext:

Connection getConnection();
DatabaseConnectionInfo getDBConnectionInfo();

The Custom Adapter in this guide is an example of an adapter that has its own connection type and does not use the JcaDBConnectionPage.

In this case, the CustomConnectionPage prompts for the connection-factory location and puts this information into the data model with code similar to:

JcaDataInterface jdata = (JcaDataInterface)getDataModel();