3 Deprecated and Desupported Features

A listing of features that have been deprecated and desupported.

This chapter includes the following sections:

3.1 Deprecated Features

Coherence features that are deprecated.


The BACKUP CACHE and RESTORE CACHE commands in CohQL are deprecated. A new set of snapshot commands has been provided for use with the new the persistence feature. For details, see "Persisting Cache Data to Disk" in Developing Applications with Oracle Coherence.

3.1.2 Managed Coherence Server MBean Attributes

The following MBean attributes are deprecated in Managed Coherence Server:

  • CoherenceClusterParamsBean.UnicastListenPort

  • CoherenceClusterParamsBean.UnicastPortAutoAdjust

  • CoherenceClusterParamsBean.MulticastListenPort

  • CoherenceClusterWellKnownAddressBean.ListenPort

The following deprecated MBean attribute is removed:

  • CoherenceClusterParamsBean.UnicastListenAddress

3.1.3 Coherence*Web Container Support

Coherence*Web no longer supports the following web containers: Apache Tomcat 5.5.n, Apache Tomcat 6.0.n, Caucho Resin 3.1.n, IBM WebSphere 5.n, IBM WebSphere 6.n, IBM WebSphere 7.n, Sun GlassFish 2.n, Sun Application Server 8.n, Oracle OC4J 10.1.3.n, Oracle OC4J 10.1.2.n, Oracle GlassFish 3.n, Oracle GlassFish 4.n, Jetty 6.1.n, Jetty 5.1.n, JBoss Application Server. Applications that require Coherence HTTP session management must be migrated to use a supported web container version. For details, See Administering HTTP Session Management with Oracle Coherence*Web.

3.1.4 ActiveCache (active-cache.jar)

ActiveCache (active-cache.jar) has been deprecated. ActiveCache can still be used with applications that have been developed to run on older versions of WebLogic Server.

ActiveCache functionality has been replaced by Managed Coherence Servers. For more information on Managed Coherence Servers, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Oracle Coherence Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.

3.1.5 Thread Count

The <thread-count> element is deprecated. Use the <thread-count-min> and <thread-count-max> elements instead.

3.1.6 Specifying Ports in the WKA List

The functionality to specify ports in the WKA list is deprecated as of the of the 12.2.1 release. Support for this feature will be removed in a future release.

3.1.7 Specifying tangosol in System Properties

Coherence system property names no longer require the tangosol prefix. For example, the system property tangosol.coherence.distributed.localstorage can now be written as coherence.distributed.localstorage. System properties that only contained the tangosol prefix now use the coherence prefix. For example, the system property tangosol.pof.enabled can now be written as coherence.pof.enabled. The changes are also applicable to Unix-based environments. For example TangosolCoherenceCacheConfig can be written as CoherenceCacheConfig.

System properties that include the tangosol prefix are still supported; however, support may be removed in a future release.

3.1.8 TopLink Implementations

The TopLinkCacheLoader and TopLinkCacheStore implementations are deprecated as of the of the 12.2.1 release.

3.1.9 Object::toStream Deprecated

The Object::toStream method has been deprecated. Applications should use the Object::toString method instead.

3.1.10 ParallelAwareAggregator

The ParallelAwareAggregator interface has been deprecated and should no longer be used. Applications should use the StreamingAggregator interface to implement custom aggregators. For details, see "Performing Data Grid Aggregation Using Streams" in Developing Applications with Oracle Coherence.

3.2 Desupported Features

This section describes features that have been removed in this release.

3.2.1 Encryption Network Filters

Encryption network filters, which were deprecated in Coherence 3.7, have been removed and are no longer supported as of the 12c (12.2.1) release. TCMP inter-cluster and *Extend TCP connections should be secured using SSL instead. The following APIs have been removed:

  • com.tangosol.net.security.AbstractEncryptionFilter.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.AsymmetricEncryptionFilter.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.BlockCipherInputStream.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.BlockCipherOutputStream.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.ClusterEncryptionFilter.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.PasswordBasedEncryptionFilter.java

  • com.tangosol.net.security.SymmetricEncryptionFilter.java