1.1.5 Performing the Migration

After performing a sample migration and verifying that the data is migrated as expected in to the 12c system, you can proceed to migrate the entire Oracle BI 11g system.

The following table provides a high-level summary of the steps you must perform to migrate from Oracle BI 11g to 12c:

Table 1-1 High-level Summary of the Migration Process

Step Number Step Description More Information
1 Install Oracle BI 12c software. See Installing Oracle Business Intelligence in Installing and Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence.
2 Copy the BI Migration Tool (bi-migration-tool.jar) from the 12c Oracle Home to the 11g system. None.
3 Create an export bundle using the BI Migration Tool on the 11g system. See Creating the Export Bundle.
4 You can import the export bundle in either of the scenarios:
  • If you have not configured the 12c system, run the Oracle Business Intelligence 12c Configuration Assistant to configure the domain while importing the export bundle.
  • If you have already configured the 12c system, use the BI Migration Script (migration-tool.sh) to import the export bundle in a command-line mode.

For import using BI Configuration Assistant, see Importing the Export Bundle Using the BI 12c Configuration Assistant.

For import using the BI Migration Script, see Performing an Import Using the BI Migration Script.

5 Complete the post-installation steps. The post-installation steps are important to migrate configuration from the 11g system to the 12c system.

For BI EE, see Post-Migration Tasks for Oracle BI EE.

For BI Publisher, see Post-Migration Tasks for Oracle BI Publisher.

For Essbase, see Post-Migration Tasks for Essbase.