1.1 Understanding the 12c Migration Procedure

Oracle BI 12c (12.2.1) is the latest Business Intelligence release from Oracle. Migrating from Oracle BI 11g to 12c requires careful preparation, planning, and testing. Oracle provides tools and technology to automate much of the migration process. However, the precise strategy that you want to adopt depends on the configuration of the existing 11g system and the required configuration of the 12c system.

This document assumes that you have sufficient knowledge to debug and fix issues encountered in Oracle BI 12c. It also assumes that you have downloaded the Oracle BI 12c software and you have an existing Oracle BI 11g instance installed and running on your system.


The metadata and configuration migration is an out-of-place process. The migration process does not affect the existing 11g system in the production environment. You can continue to use the existing 11g system until you are ready to roll out the 12c system.

To help you develop an effective migration strategy, Oracle recommends that you complete the following steps:

  1. Analyze and optimize the existing 11g system in preparation for migration to 12c.
  2. Understand what is migrated and how.
  3. Define a test plan to validate the migration.
  4. Test a sample migration on a representative subset of the existing 11g system.
  5. Perform the migration.

The migration strategy that you ultimately implement can be unique to your particular situation and depends on specific topologies and organizational requirements.