1.1.2 Understanding What is Migrated and How

Oracle has introduced many enhancements to existing features in the 12c release for Business Intelligence. Sometimes, these enhancements replace the existing functionality or reimplement it in a different way. Wherever possible, the existing 11g functionality and configuration is migrated to the corresponding 12c system. Although the appearance and behavior of the 12c system can be different, the end result is expected to be functionally equivalent.

An efficient migration strategy allows you to migrate your metadata and configuration from Oracle BI 11g to the 12c environment. The goal of this process is to not exactly replicate the appearance and behavior of the original 11g system in the 12c environment. Replicating the 11g appearance and behavior is time-consuming and sometimes difficult, if not impossible. For example, the dashboards and prompts are represented differently in 12c and would require significant manual intervention to recreate the 11g appearance. It also undermines the rationale behind moving on to Oracle BI 12c; namely, to take advantage of the enhancements introduced in 12c.