4 High Availability

This chapter describes the issues related to Oracle Fusion Middleware high availability.

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

4.1 Issues Pertaining to Automatic Service Migration

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4.1.1 Oracle User Messaging Service 12c (12.1.3) Does Not Support Automatic Service Migration

In enterprise deployments that take advantage of high availability, Oracle recommends that you configure Oracle BAM to use Automatic Service Migration, which migrates specific services to a different Managed Server in the cluster when a server fails.

However, in some scenarios where Oracle BAM is producing constant and intensive User Messaging Service (UMS) messages, a Managed Server failure might leave some alert messages stuck in the UMS queues. This is because UMS 12c (12.1.3) does not currently support Automatic Service Migration.

To workaround this issue, you can recover messages in the UMS queues by restarting the failed Oracle BAM Managed Server. To resume the appropriate capacity and load sustainability after a BAM server failure, you must do two things:

  • Restart the failed Managed Server.

  • Fail back the migrated services to the original Managed Server.

For more information, see "Failing Back Oracle BAM Services After Automatic Service Migration Occurs" in Enterprise Deployment Guide for Oracle SOA Suite.

If a BAM server restart is not compatible with your system's recovery time objectives (RTO), then you can configure UMS with Advanced Queuing (AQ) JMS instead of the default JMS provider. For more information, see Appendix B, "Configuring User Messaging Service with AQ JMS," in Administering Oracle User Messaging Service.

4.2 Issues Pertaining to Oracle BAM

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4.2.1 Configuring Oracle BAM After Scale Up

Oracle BAM requires additional configuration steps after you configure the domain. See the topic "Configuring BAM for High Availability" in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle Fusion Middleware High Availability Guide.