5 Platform Security Services

This is chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Platform Security Services and Oracle Security Developer Tools. It includes the following topics:

5.1 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and their workarounds. It includes the following topics:

5.1.1 libOVD Move Plan Does Not Support Obfuscated Password

When you move from the Test to Production environment using pasteConfig, the move plan contains the configuration property Password File, which is a path to a file containing the back end LDAP server password for the adapter. In case of libOVD, obfuscated passwords are not supported for this configuration property.

The workaround is to use clear text password.

5.1.2 libovdconfig.bat script Does Not Support a Space in File Path

On the Microsoft Windows platform, the libovdconfig.bat script does not work if the path to your Java installation in the -jreLoc option includes a space character. For example, C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21.

The workaround is to provide the path to your Java installation in DOS 8.3 format.

For example:

-jreloc C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.7.0_21

5.1.3 Property maxDirSize not used in Audit Service

The configuration property maxDirSize has been deprecated in Release 12c. It is no longer used in the OPSS audit service.

5.2 Documentation Errata

There are no documentation errata.