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Domain Partition: Monitoring: Deployments: Web Applications

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This page displays monitoring information for all Web applications in this domain partition. The monitoring information includes whether the Web application is active or not, the average, high, and total number of sessions for each Web application, the actual files (WAR or exploded directory) that implement the application, and so on. The statistics displayed are an aggregate of all of the targets that these Web applications are deployed on. Target-specific statistics are available on the monitoring pages for each specific Web application.

WebLogic Server enables you to deploy Web applications either as archive files (.WAR files created using the JAR utility) or as exploded archive directories. Deploying Web applications as exploded archive directories enables you to easily update and redeploy portions of the application, such as static HTML, graphics files, and JSPs.

Column Display

Name Description
Context Root

Returns the context root (context path) for the web application.

MBean Attribute:


The name of the application.

MBean Attribute:


Provides the status of the component.

MBean Attribute:

Active Server Count

The number of active servers.

Source Information

Provides an informative string about the module's source.

Returns an informative string about the component's source.

MBean Attribute:


Provides an array of ServletRuntimeMBeans associated with this module.

Returns an array of ServletRuntimeMBeans associated with this component.

MBean Attribute:


Provides a count of the current total number of open sessions in this module.

Sessions High

Provides the high water mark of the total number of open sessions in this application. The count starts at zero each time the application is activated.

Total Sessions

Provides a count of the total number of sessions opened.

MBean Attribute:

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