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1 Introduction and Roadmap

2 Understanding WebLogic JMS

3 Best Practices for Application Design

4 Enhanced Support for Using WebLogic JMS with EJBs and Servlets

5 Understanding the Simplified API Programming Model

6 Developing a Basic JMS Application

7 Managing Your Applications

8 Using JMS Module Helper to Manage Applications

9 Using Multicasting with WebLogic JMS

10 Using Distributed Destinations

11 Using Message Unit-of-Order

12 Using Unit-of-Work Message Groups

13 Using Transactions with WebLogic JMS

14 Developing Advanced Pub/Sub Applications

15 Recovering from a Server Failure

16 WebLogic JMS C API

A Deprecated WebLogic JMS Features

B FAQs: Integrating Remote JMS Providers

C How to Lookup a Destination

D Advanced Programming with Distributed Destinations Using the JMS Destination Availability Helper API